Reblog if you will answer LITERALLY ANY anon questions.

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please reblog this if it is okay to anonymously confess something to you

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whoever reblogs this by the 4th of April will have their url written on tape and stuck throughout various parts of the world!






My mum and dad are going to scotland, ireland, england, america, egypt and france and they are taking all that i write down with them so your url could be anywhere!

writing down all urls in 1 hour so get reblogging!

It’s going until the 4th. My brother is going so he can take more!

Haha guysss! I’m still doing all no matter how many!

24 hours left!

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Send me a ♬ and I’ll shuffle my playlist and tell you our:


  • Meeting Song - Because I’m Crazy - AA
  • First Date song - Star - Jay Park
  • Crush song - I Just - Alexander
  • Fall in love song - She Is Coming - Chaos
  • Sex song - Never Give Up - Bang & Zelo 
  • Make love song - Cry Cry - T-ara
  • Betrayal song - Intensely - Spica
  • Fight song - Be My Baby - Wonder Girls
  • Break up song - Please Don’t Say - Fix
  • Make up song - Because It’s You - Lee Hyun
  • Proposal song - I’ll Be There - Boyfriend
  • Marriage song - My My - Apink

Send me a ♬ and I’ll shuffle my playlist and tell you our:


  • Meeting Song
  • First Date song
  • Crush song
  • Fall  in love song
  • Sex song
  • Make love song
  • Betrayal song
  • Fight song
  • Break up song
  • Make up song
  • Proposal song
  • Marriage song

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I’m just gonna go ahead and blame Tumblr for my bad grades. Yep…

Everyone who reblogs this by March 17th will have their URL written on a piece of paper and put somewhere in Seoul, Korea


this is basically a copy of the london one but here’s korea too? i’ll post pictures and tag you and the like

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